Automatic Strapping Machine

HK500-4B Redtiger is dedicated to the research and development of fully automatic polyester strapping machine for many years,on the basis of absorbing the foreign mature Technology and achieve independent innovation,after 7years actual usage in Sinkiang,which is biggest cotton plant area in China,receive good comments from cotton Processing factories.

Product Details

Automatic strapping machine Feature:

1.1 Core-block adopts modular construction achieve fast replacement technology, reduce breakdown processing time, achieve offline maintenance;

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1.2 HK500-4B can pack 4 straps for one time, finish 8 straps of package total needs 35-40 seconds

1.3 Unique substitute strapping function, if any one of 4 groups strapping module is shutdown because of breakdown, adjacent strapping module will move to breakdown position to complete the strapping, greatly reduce the possibility of downtime of production line

1.4 Unique belt driving design of small moving car driving device, which makes small moving car in high speed and stable movement

1.5 Adopt the special design of straight line movement protection device, avoid the phenomenon of cotton twining and jammed effectively

1.6 Optional device of automatic strap joint lifting and pulling, which enhance the reliability of strap joint, effectively reduce the possibility of interface broken during finish products storage and transportation

1.7 Strap guide with strengthen design, the structure is beautiful and durable, even in high speed movement can also maintain stable and reliable

1.8 According to the characteristics of Sinkiang big temperature gap between day and night, it can automatically adjust the welding time

1.9 Aim at extremely cold weather in Sinkiang, the equipment automatically start risk-free electronic heating device, to make sure driving components in reliable operation.

Automatic strapping machine Technical Parameter:

2.1 Equipment model

Model HK500-4B

2.2 Equipment configuration quantity   

1 Set/line

2.3 Module unit configuration of handpiece  

4 Groups/set

2.4 Strapping Material 

Polyester Strapping  

2.5 Strapping belt specification

19*(1.0-1.5) mm 

2.6 Number of Strapping

8 straps

2.7 Total strapping time

35 second/8 straps

(Exclude automatic strap joint lifting and pulling device)

2.8 Requirements of package compression height


2.9 Total power: 

≤10 KVA  
2.10 Power consumption (30 bales/hour): 1 KW/hour

2.11 Electric control

Siemens PLC

2.12 Equipment external dimensions

Strapping head carriage unit 

1700×600×2240 (Height) (mm)

Rear strap guide carriage unit   

1400×600×1560 (Height) (mm

Dual dispenser      

1300×550×2240 (Height) (mm)

3Equipment Description

Automatic strapping machine equipment description.jpeg

3.1 Strapping head carriage unit

Strapping head carriage unit t is put outside of main press machines stand column, at reverse side of package taking unit, it is consist of carrige, sliding rack, 4 groups module units and strap guide. The functions are described as follows:

china automatic strapping machine.png

3.1.1 Carrige: Box-structure, built-in decelerating motor driving, cooperate with rectangular guide rail for lateral horizontal direction movement.

3.1.2 Sliding rack: Sliding rack works as bearing part for module unit, belt guider and control box. Set up slide guide rail in bottom, Driven by electric cylinder for forward and backward, set up rubber shock absorbers.

3.1.3 Module unit: Adopting modular design, it is composed of sealer and feed/ take-up module, can be quickly replaced online. Sealer module adopts the most advanced friction welding technology (welding time is adjustable), the function is welding and releasing. Feed/ take-up module function is sending belt and backward tensioning, backward tension can be adjusted (Max 350N).

3.1.4 Strap guide: semi-closed structure of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, provide smooth and circular arc channel for belt sending.

3.1.5 Module control box: Module control box is inside of small moving car rack, or put above of module unit, can independently control the corresponding single module.

3.2 Rear strap guide carriage unit: Rear strap guide carriage unit is put in opposite of strapping head carriage unit, consist of carrige, slide rack, 4 groups of strap guide, cooperate with strapping head carriage unit, top press plate, bottom press plate, strap guide, provide smooth and circular arc channel for belt sending.

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3.3 Top press plate

Replace baling press machine top press plate to new top press plate with 8 strap guide inside strap channel for strap sending.

3.4 Bottom press plate

Replace baling press machine bottom press plate to new bottom press plate with 2x8 strap guide inside strap channel for strap sending.

3.5 Carriage rail

Rectangular section carriage rail is put at two sides of main baling press machine foundation and extend outside of the main baling press machine, set maintenance platform between extension guide rails, set rubber shock absorber at two sides of guide rail as small car mechanical limit.

3.6 Dual dispenser

Consist of strap roll, rack and energy accumulator, when strapping head unit star working, it can quickly sending out and pull back the belt. Adopt gravity type reservoir belt and heavy hammer type brake device, strap reel car without drive itself.

fully automatic strapping machine.png

3.7 Automatic strap joint lifting and pulling device (Optional)

This four linkage structure, after finish welding, it can automatically pull automatic strap joint to bottom of cotton bale at the same time. Make automatic strap joint at the bottom position of cotton bale which bearing minimum force, make the automatic strap joint will not be broken during the transportation or storage.

auto strapping machine.png

fully auto strapping machine.png

3.8 Electronic control system

    Divided into hardware and software. Hardware includes main control box and 4 groups of modular electric cabinet. Main control box set operation switch and text screen, real-time display of equipment operation status, parameters, and breakdown information. Modular electric cabinet set operation switch and independent PLC, in control of its corresponding unit modules, all connecting cables adopt rectangular connectors, which can quickly replace electric cabinet on production line to achieve off-line repair. Software includes keeping normal operation of equipment software, breakdown self-diagnosis software; The control voltage adopts DC24V. All moving parts adopt electric driving type, suitable for cold climate in Sinkiang.


3.9 Strapping head test stand (Optional)

It is independent device, mainly used for strapping head off-line repair and test, equipped with a complete set of strapping head and control box, providing great convenient for emergency repair and replacement of the equipment. Test stand components are completely matching with main body components, can be used as complete spare parts for main body.

full auto strapping machine.png

4.  Automatic strapping machine Equipment supply scope (each set)


Component Name




Strapping head carriage unit



Rear strap guide carriage unit

1 Set


Top press plate

1 Set


Bottom press plate

2 Set


Carriage rail

1 Set

(Two pieces of carriage rail and rail accessories)


Dual dispenser

2 Set

(Two belt reel cars)


Electronic control system

1 Set


Test stand (Optional, including one strapping head)

1 Set

This device is optional according to buyer


Automatic strap joint lifting and pulling device (Optional)  

1 Set

This device is optional according to buyer