Hydraulic Cardboard Baler

Hydraulic Cardboard Baler
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MZD/MZDS series of Hydraulic cardboard baler is specially used in medium and large sized wastepaper recycling centers/companies. It compresses and bales old corrugated cartons, waste newspaper, etc. for easy storage and transportation. It is also with low power consumption, high output, easy operation, and convenient maintenance.


Easy Operation:

1. Siemens PLC & Touch Screen control system

The machine is controlled automatically, one person can operate the machine, saving your Time and Labor Cost.

2. Feeding material automatically.

Feed system has photoelectric switch, when the material is enough, the conveyor stops, the push car begins work, easy and accurately to control the material quantity.

3. Counter wheel counts the rated length of the bales automatically.

Safety design:

1. Equipped with emergency button and safety door, only with the safety door closed, the baler can work, the machine has also the emergency button, stopping the machine immediately.

2. Water cooling system. Protecting the cylinder from high oil temperature, and the water will not blow the dust into machine.

Baling Effect:

There is an active knife on push car, cutting the material with the stable knife, making the bale tidier.

Technical Parameter



Main Part Dimension

L11000*W1450*H5000 mm

Feed Opening Dimensions

L2100*W1000 mm

Bale Size Expanded Dimension

W1100*H1250*L1600 mm

Bale Weight

900-1000 KG




Tension Type

Pushing Wire

Number of Ties


Operating mode

PLC, Touch screen, Button

Total Power


Work Method

Full automatic