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Applications: MZD/MZDS series of OCC baler is specially used for waste paper recycling centers or companies. It can compress and bale old corrugated cartons (OCC), waste newspaper and so on, convenient for storage and transportation. It has features of low power consumption, high capacity, easy...

Product Details


MZD/MZDS series of OCC baler is used for baling cartons, cotton yarn, plastic, etc. It is designed as horizontal structure, hydraulic transmission, electrical control. Usually the pressure force of this series is from 80 ton to 315 ton, the efficiency is higher than the vertical structure. Also, we can produce the machine as manual binding or automatic binding according to the requirements.


1. PLC controlled, combined with touch screen visible window, real-time diagram of movements & alarm. Size of bale can be set on touch screen. 

2. Automatic belting to increase speed of baling. 

3. Spherical connection between pushing cylinder & ram to ensure reliability & life of seals in cylinder. 

4. Dispersed cutting blades used on feeding opening to ensure high efficiency. 

5. Design of low-noise hydraulic circuit with high efficiency & low trouble rate.


Technical Parameter


MZD160 Automatic baler

Main Part Dimension

L10200*W1450*H5000 mm

Feed Opening Dimensions

L2300*W1000 mm

Bale Size Expanded Dimension

W1100*H1250*L1600 mm

Bale Weight

900-1000 KG




Tension Type

Pushing Wire

Number of Ties


Operating mode

PLC, Touch screen, Button

Total Power


Work Method

Full automatic

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To ensure that customers use our Machine Equipment with no worries, hereby we warrant:

1. We strictly select good material to ensure the reliable quality.

2. Not only in the selection of materials, but also in every production procedures, we strictly act according to the ISO9001 standard, and control by full-scale inspection. 

3. The Technical and specialized support from us will be available. 

4. The upgraded products information will be timely supplied.

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OCC baler

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