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A must-see for beginners with common sense in the waste paper baler industry

Dec 15, 2020

   As the price of paper is getting higher and higher, many laymen have poured into this industry. Because they have less experience in this area, they face bankruptcy before they do it for a long time, causing great losses to their property and spirit. Based on my many years of experience, I have summarized the following three reasons, and I hope to give you some help.

  一 Prevent being cheated on buying a packer

Friends who want to work in this industry must pay attention to this, because many friends were deceived and bankrupted, and the business was over before it even started. At least 20,000 to 30,000 were deceived, and as many as hundreds of thousands. There are the following precautions.

1 The temptation of low price, 20,000 to 40,000 lower than other manufacturers, when you sign the contract and pay the deposit, then you will not increase the price in various names for the shipment. If you do not give it, you will not ship it, even if you pay the full amount, it may not be given to you When delivering goods, they usually do some tricks on the contract. After a period of time after the contract is signed, the handwriting will be blurred. It is difficult to protect the rights. Or they do tricks on the model of the machine. They obviously bought a horizontal package. The machine is indeed vertical, so the price difference will be around hundreds of thousands. As long as you pay attention to this point, don't be deceived when you buy a baler for cheap. Everything costs a penny and you get a good price.

2 Instalment payment, many people start the packaging station because of the small amount of start-up capital, some manufacturers will provide you with installment payment, remember that the installment payment is a scammer, but also after you hand in the deposit, the non-delivery is deliberately delayed. In the end, you have to pay the full payment before delivery.

3 Machines from small workshop-style manufacturers cannot be bought. Their prices are 20,000 to 30,000 cheaper than other manufacturers. They have rough workmanship, backward technology, cut corners, and use refurbished accessories. Some even the entire machine is refurbished. , Buying home has continuous minor problems, and the packaging speed is slow, time-consuming, labor-intensive, electricity-consuming, labor-intensive, increasing packaging costs, and poor after-sales.

   In general, it is the above three points. I hope everyone will be careful when buying machines.

2. Prevention of being deceived by hawkers. Because many people enter and exit the industry, they don’t understand the classification of paper and won’t accept the goods. The hawkers will lose money. Many people lose money by fetching water, mixing and so on. They calculate, so I also advise you to have enough professional knowledge in this area before entering the industry.

3. Prevention of being cheated by paper picking. The so-called picking up is the scalpers in the waste paper industry. They play a very important role in this industry. They will help you find a car and contact the paper mill to help you sell the goods and return the payment. Fast speed, no pressure on the payment, only a little commission per truck, so you save worry and effort. But why would you be deceived again? In fact, in every industry, there will always be some scumbags who have no good faith. They sell the goods for you without paying, and deduct a truck from you. They often allow you to pay high prices, but as long as the goods are in their hands. Can only be resigned to the fate, who has not given up one or two truckloads of goods in this business? To do this, we must find an honest, capable and well-reputed receiver.