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Is there any adjustment method for gantry shears?

Nov 11, 2020

    How to adjust the gantry shear

   Nantong Machinery made a special trip to tailor the gantry scissors for you. How do we adjust the gantry scissors in life? Please see the introduction below

   1. Strap width and joint adjustment. When the width of the strap is uneven or the strap of another width is changed, it is necessary to adjust the left and right inserting grooves. When the slot is too narrow, it is difficult to insert the strap; when it is too wide, the strap will join after the gantry cut. The overlap will be uneven. Generally, the width of the belt slot should be about 0.5-1 mm wider than the belt width.

   2. Adjusting the temperature of the ironing head of the gantry scissors The temperature of the ironing head has a great influence on the quality of the belt joint. In order to make the polypropylene strap joints stick firmly, the knob is generally placed in the 3-5 position. Whether the temperature of the iron is suitable, you can check the surface adhesion of the iron. If there are white marks on the surface of the iron, the temperature is already too high; if the surface of the iron is moist, the temperature is insufficient.

   3. Adjusting the binding tightness of the gantry shears package Open the table top, and loosen the hexagon socket set screw on the big Luo mother A by hand. Turn it clockwise to tighten, and vice versa. After the binding force is moderate, tighten the hexagon socket set screw.

   4. Adjusting the length of the feeding belt The length of the feeding belt is determined by the feeding length adjuster on the front panel. If the belt is too short, it is easy to tie your hands. At this time, the gantry shears can hold the head with your hands and pull the belt out along the direction of the belt. But it is necessary to readjust the length of the feeding belt to ensure the normal operation of the next strapping. If the belt of the gantry shears is too long, it is not easy to align the position. The gantry shears and the Panasonic belts are easy to twist together and cause the belt to be misaligned or broken.

   Maintain the oil filter of the gantry shear

   The maintenance of the gantry shears is very important, and it has a lot to do with the service life. How to maintain the oil filter of the gantry shears? A few tricks for everyone

   1. It has sufficient oil flow capacity and low pressure loss;

   2. The filtration accuracy should meet the design requirements;

   3. The filter element has sufficient strength;

   4. The filter element has good corrosion resistance and can work for a long time at the specified temperature;

   5. It is convenient to replace, clean and maintain the filter element.

   The oil filter in the gantry shears hydraulic system can filter out impurities mixed in from the outside; at the same time, the solid impurities produced by the gantry shears hydraulic system during the working process can also be filtered out through the oil filter. This can ensure the plot of the hydraulic oil, extend the service life of the gantry shear hydraulic system, and ensure the normal operation of the gantry shear.