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Benefits of automatic waste paper baler

Feb 04, 2021

Our company's main waste paper baler, hydraulic baler, automatic baler, semi-automatic baler, horizontal baler, lint baler, clothing baler, mobile straw baler, straw baler, semi-automatic hydraulic A variety of products such as balers and presses are widely used in the packaging of soft fiber materials and iron filings in various industries. This product is widely used in various industries. This product can enable manufacturers to save costs and facilitate transportation. Here is a brief introduction

   Features of automatic waste paper baler:

   1. The unique microcomputer chip processing system of the whole machine, imported large motor and high-quality reducer control the whole packing action, which is convenient for maintenance;

  2. Fast packing speed and high efficiency. Each package only takes 1.5 seconds;

  3, instantaneous heating, the heating film can work within 5 seconds and enter the best packing state;

  4. Automatic shutdown device, energy-saving and practical, no action after 60 seconds after the completion of the bundling action, the motor automatically stops and enters the standby state.

  5. Wide range of application. Any strapping belt (6mm-15mm) in the market can be practical and has good bonding effect.

  6. Some imported parts are used, the back blade is stable and reliable, easy to adjust, and strong continuous working ability

  7. The table is made of thickened steel plate, which can carry heavy objects without deformation;

   8. Flip-type panel, convenient for maintenance.

   9. New electric heating device, fast heating and long life.

  10. Single chip electric control, complete functions and easy operation.

  11, 4 kinds of packing methods guarantee the various packing requirements of customers.

  12. The cost of strapping is lower than that of the existing market fully automatic strapping machine. The cost of strapping is reduced by 30-50%.

  13. The use of a high-strength blade with a hardness of 65 greatly improves the cutting ability and the life of the blade

  14. The aluminum alloy frame is adopted, and the body shell adopts a combined structure.

  15. All parts are precision processed with NC processing equipment. The durability of the components of the automatic strapping machine and the unity of the connection action are well guaranteed.

  16. The guide pulley using high-quality materials effectively solves the problem of the wear of ordinary plastic guide pulleys and the jamming of PP belts.

  17. Resin casters are used, which is more convenient for mechanical movement, and the casters will not deform under long-term load