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Briefly introduce the common faults of the plunger pump of the waste cardboard baler

Jan 20, 2021

    Generally speaking, the abnormal pressure of the hydraulic system of the waste cardboard baler is closely related to the hydraulic pump and pressure valve. The hydraulic system is not working properly, no matter how it manifests itself, it is mainly manifested as a failure of the actuator. Common failure analysis and methods of abnormal pressure of waste cardboard baler.

    1. The parts in the pump are damaged, such as seals, bearings, etc.

    2. In the plunger pump of the waste cardboard baler, the plunger is stuck. The jamming of the plunger pump of the hydraulic cylinder generally refers to the plunger pump stuck in the cylinder hole, which causes the pump to stop, and then causes the hydraulic system to have problems, making the machine unable to work normally. The main cause of the jam of the plunger pump is abnormal cylinder bore deformation. It is usually because the center steel ball falls off when the hydraulic pump is assembled. As soon as the pump is started, the end face of the cylinder block is clamped and the cylinder bore is deformed to kill the plunger; in addition, the center spring is broken, and the cylinder block supports the roller shaft--- If the holder is damaged, the rotating parts in the pump will be stuck, causing the plunger to die or destroy the hydraulic pump.

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