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Common problems and solutions of waste paper baler

Dec 15, 2020

   As long as the customer purchases the waste paper baler after installation. Sometimes there will be some minor faults in daily use. If we can learn to deal with them in time, eliminate the faults in time, resume production, and reduce losses, it will bring us greater economic benefits. Let me introduce you to the temporary minor problems of the baler. And the corresponding solution.

   1. Tape feeding failure: After the waste paper baler starts to pack, the tape cannot be fed normally. It is necessary to check the operation panel of the baler to see if the potentiometer is malfunctioning.

   2. Adhesive tape failure: The packing tape of the waste paper packer cannot be glued normally. At this time, two places need to be checked, one is the belt, adjusted to the proper width, and the other is whether the heating film can work normally. The waste paper baler must be operated in the correct manner during the packaging process, which can avoid many unnecessary problems. Therefore, our technicians must listen carefully to the explanation of the master when they go for installation training. If they encounter problems that cannot be solved You can directly call the manufacturer's after-sales service engineer.