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Common troubleshooting experience of baler

Feb 02, 2021

    Don’t panic when the waste paper baler fails. We have to use our years of work experience to analyze. Some common waste paper baler failures generally have the following contents:

    After the baler is turned on, the tape will be automatically fed. At this time, we must carefully check whether there is a problem with the other parts of the waste paper baler. If there is no fault in the other parts, there should be a problem with the potentiometer. It is recommended to ask professional maintenance personnel to pack the waste paper. The potentiometer of the machine is thoroughly investigated.

    With the development of the market economy, the role of waste paper balers in the market is becoming more and more important, and the subsequent problem of how to deal with the failure of waste paper balers has increasingly troubled the majority of industrial users. In many cases, waste paper balers have failed. The problem is that we do not pay attention to the operation, so we should pay attention to sum up the working methods in our work, use our waste paper baler for correct operation, and avoid the problem of what to do if the waste paper baler fails. I hope everyone can be better. To complete their work!