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Competition of beverage bottle packaging machine production base

Dec 01, 2020

As a leader in the beverage bottle packing machine industry, Nantong Machinery is a production base specializing in the production of beverage bottle packing machines. With the rapid development of my country's economy, papermaking, textile, plastic processing, financial container processing and other industries are also developing rapidly. The traditional industry's demand for beverage bottle packaging machine products has been caused by the vicious competition of packaging machine products, and some hydraulic equipment has been participated and shared by more and more enterprises.

For the fast packaging of products in these industries, the beverage bottle packaging machine is just right in this regard. In the fierce competition, only development is the last word. Beverage bottle balers and semi-automatic beverage bottle balers are widely used for the compression and packaging of loose objects such as beverage bottles, wool, hair balls, etc. The bales have the same dimensions, neatness, high density, and high density, which are suitable for the needs of shipping containers for export products. In addition, it is also suitable for the compression of beverage bottles, waste plastics, wheat, and metal containers. The volume is reduced exponentially, the transportation cost is reduced, and the transportation and processing are convenient.

Beverage bottle packing machine machinery production equipment has played a positive role in promoting my country's economic development, especially in the recycling industry of metal and beverage bottles. But we should see that compared with foreign counterparts, we still have a long way to go in terms of R&D and manufacturing of hydraulic presses or beverage bottle packers.

Dustproof system device setting of beverage bottle packing machine

Lejia Machinery Hydraulic Beverage Bottle Packing Machine is widely used, with high quality and low price. The dustproof system of the beverage bottle packing machine is used to pack small beverage bottles produced on the die-cutting table. The dustproof system of the beverage bottle packing machine includes pipes, Packing device, adsorption device and conveying device. One end of the pipe is connected with the beverage bottle outlet of the die-cutting table, and the other end is connected with the packing device. The suction device is installed at one end of the packing device and communicates with the pipe. The conveying device is set in the packing At the lower end of the device, the packing device is also provided with a dust removal device.

The packing device includes a packing frame, a pressing rod and a bottom plate. The packing frame of the beverage bottle packing machine is provided with a pressing cavity. The pressing rod can be movably installed on the upper part of the pressing cavity, and the bottom plate is movably mounted on The bottom of the packing frame, one side of the packing frame is also provided with an opening communicating with the pipe, and the other side of the packing frame is also provided with a plurality of plate holes, and the adsorption device is installed on the packing frame on one side of the plate hole.

The dust removal system device of the beverage bottle packer includes at least one spray head. The inside of the packaging frame of the beverage bottle packer is provided with an installation cavity, the spray head is installed in the installation cavity, and the spray head corresponds to the pressing cavity. The conveying device is a belt conveying device, and the adsorption device is a fan. Compared with the prior art, the utility model adopts an adsorption device to suck the beverage bottles on the die-cutting table into the packaging device through a pipe, and is equipped with a dust-proof device in the packaging device, which can avoid dust interference during the packaging process , It has the advantages of high packaging efficiency and high product quality. "