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Control automation and diversified functions of waste paper baler

Mar 30, 2021

Control automation of waste paper baler. The controller is the CPU of the waste paper automatic baler, which is the brain that gives the action command. Domestic waste paper automatic hydraulic baler manufacturers generally use PLC controllers, touch screens, and photoelectric switches. Although the PLC function is great, it is still not as good as the DCS control system Powerful. In the future, the waste paper automatic hydraulic baler must have multi-function, diversification, and human-machine interface development. The computer-based DCS control system has become a new trend in the development of waste paper automatic baler.

The automatic waste paper baler has diversified functions. With man-machine interface, fully automatic operation, and arbitrary modification, the program-controlled automatic waste paper baler is in great demand in the market. Although the domestic waste paper automatic hydraulic baler industry started late, after years of development, it has continuously introduced foreign waste paper automatic baler technology and new equipment. Now it has developed into an indispensable main force in the waste paper recycling industry. The fierce competition in the automatic hydraulic baler industry is to promote the development and innovation of waste paper automatic hydraulic baler technology, to adapt to market needs, and to better meet the needs of the recycling industry, which is the real king.