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Cotton baler

Feb 07, 2018

Cotton baler also known as cotton hydraulic baler, which has a novel structure, high technology, rigidity and stability, high degree of automation, handsome in appearance, energy saving and so on. This machine is on the top type, so cotton pollution. Oil is simple, easy operation and maintenance, safe and reliable. The main pressure cylinder with double pump oil supply, large flow quickly into a package and so on, is the machine, electricity, liquid integration reached the international advanced level of new products.

The use of brand baler technology, is now designed into the whole machine dual-circuit control, single-circuit control performance than ever before more stable and reliable, dual-circuit control makes the internal load reduction of the machine board, baler structure of each circuit running more smooth and stable. As a manufacturer of cotton balers, we have superior performance, more reliable quality, simpler and convenient inspection and debugging, and the first photoelectric control with withdrawal clutch. The automatic packing machine working principle is by tightening, heat capacity, cut with tape, bonding completed packing. Professional factory production of a wide range of applications, regardless of the size of packaging, no need to adjust the machine can be packaged, cotton packing machine is a mechanical structure, part of the use of imported cotton baler parts, after the blade is stable and reliable, easy adjustment, packing machine and reasonable price.

Widely used in cotton, chemical fiber, hemp, wool, grass, herbs, recycled materials and other light materials loose bulk packing, storage and transportation convenience.