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Counterattack! China imposes tariffs on US about 60 billion US dollars of products

Aug 08, 2018

The Ministry of Commerce issued three announcements on the evening of August 3, responding to the US tariff increase, and decided to add about 25% to 5% of the 5,207 tax items originating in the United States. tariff.

This time, the tariffs are imposed by four different tax rates, which are 25%, 20%, 10%, and 5% respectively. Compared with the United States, we impose a differential tax rate. This is a good move. Pulling and playing side by side; our counterattack, although only $60 billion, is undoubtedly more targeted.

This time, Trump sent two articles on the social network, claiming that his trade war policy has hurt the Chinese economy and the ridiculous words of the United States "fast win". It also claims that the Chinese stock market has fallen by 27% in the past four months, saying that this is caused by his trade war.

China’s current $60 billion counter-measure, plus the previous $34 billion, is almost all imported from the United States, showing a red card. It shows that China is determined to be big! This is enough to show that although negotiations are China’s first choice, Doesn't mean that we listen to our destiny and let us be at the mercy of the world's second largest economy. Of course, we must talk and fight! The Sino-US talks against the US and aid the DPRK, the actual control line is still near the fire; the Shangganling campaign took place in the negotiations. During the period... If China starts to weaken, it will definitely lose the bargaining chip!