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Dongguan Xiaolong, Jianhui led the purchase price of waste paper

Aug 08, 2018

In August, the beginning of the cultural paper step into the school stocking season, the mainstream manufacturers Sun, Chenming, APP, etc. have issued price increases, the superposition of the industrial chain inventory is relatively light, last week, the double-ton, copper version of the single-ton price rose slightly. Then in mid-August, the festive stocking of the packaging paper such as boxboard and white card will also start, but according to the tracking of the current terminal packaging factory and the printing factory, the order status continues to be light, corresponding to the white card and box board mainstream manufacturers continue to limit production in August. Insured prices continue to track follow-up paper prices.


It is worth noting that as the inventory of APP white cardboard has been at an absolute low level, the bearish sentiment of the vicious price war in the industry has been released. Last week, the single-ton price of white cardboard rose by 200 yuan to 5577 yuan, achieving a bottoming out. The price of whiteboard paper decreased by 0.15%, the price of cardboard paper decreased by 1.64, and the price of corrugated paper was relatively stable.


Driven by the reform of the supply side, the environmental protection policy has become stricter, the external waste quota has been strictly restricted, and the inspection situation has become more stringent. The imbalance between supply and demand of waste paper has led to an increase in the national waste price, thus pushing up the price of downstream finished paper. The external waste began to rise in March, with an increase of 20%-50%. The national waste price continued to rise. The price of waste yellow paper and waste newspapers reached a new high in the past two years, with an increase of 40.6% and 7.8% during the year.