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Explanation of the workflow of waste paper baler

Nov 18, 2020

1. Before starting up, check whether the appearance of the equipment is abnormal, whether there are safety hazards around, and whether the iron wire or plastic rope is sufficient. After confirming that it is normal, turn on the main air switch of the distribution box, unscrew the pop-up emergency stop button, and the power indicator of the electric control box will light up.

2. Turn the remote control local gear selector switch to the remote control gear.

3. Put the magnetic switch on the remote control into the card slot, press the system start button on the remote control twice, the alarm siren will sound for 10 seconds and stop the warning device to be ready for operation, and the red warning light is always on.

4. Press the conveyor belt start button on the remote control, the conveyor belt runs, and the paper or other materials are pushed into the conveyor belt inlet, and the conveyor belt brings the material into the packing inlet.

5. After the paper or other materials reach the position, press the compression button on the remote control, the red warning light flashes, the indenter will automatically move back and stop after it is pressed in place (if the indenter moves to a certain position after the compression is started, it will not stop without moving and After tens of seconds, it will automatically return to its position. When returning, the siren will alarm at a frequency of 1 second. At this time, it will automatically report the arm type. Press the arm on the remote control to loosen the arm, and then start compression until it is normal. Alarm again. For manual reporting arm type, press the two sides of the arm with a jack, rotate the screws on both sides to enter a little at an equal distance, and then start the compression until the alarm is normal.)

6. Repeat 4 operations until the required packing length is reached, press and hold the strapping button on the remote control for 2 seconds and then the device will automatically start. When the indenter advances to the foremost strapping position, it will stop. When it is in place, the siren will sound every 3 seconds. Call the police.

7. Press the threading button on the remote control, the threading machine will automatically thread the iron wire or plastic rope, and the threading machine will automatically return to the original position.

8. Tie the iron wire or rope into a knot and cut it off.

9. Repeat steps 4-8 above. The packages at the outlet will be pushed out one by one, and the finished packages are moved to a suitable place with a trolley or forklift and placed neatly.

10. After the work is completed, press the remote control system stop button, take off the magnetic switch, press the emergency stop switch of the electric control box, and turn off the main power supply.