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Horizontal Waste Paper Balers Several Common Causes and Solutions

Feb 07, 2018

Vertical waste paper baler can provide the manufacture of smaller products, while horizontal waste paper baler is to provide people larger products, can create renewable energy in a short period of time. We are no strangers to its use, but not many people understand or have relevant knowledge on how to deal with his failure.

First of all, the reason why the system can not start may be due to the lack of power, for its treatment is to check before using the power whether the three phases have electricity, and rule out the power indicator may not necessarily bright. The second possible reason is to turn the emergency stop to pop it up, for his solution is the emergency stop button does not spin pop-up system can start, the main motor can start, the third failure is the threading machine did not return to the original Location, the solution is to press the wire return button to check whether the threading machine stuck phenomenon and clear. Another reason is the aftertaste switch is damaged, so very simple is to change the switch on it. The last one may be the main motor thermal protection action, then replace or adjust the thermal protection, you can make the machine restart. Machinery is not working may also be due to moisture into the water, so be sure to change the program switch or remove foreign objects. There are many reasons why a machine can not work, but as long as we carefully keep it up and running.