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How to distinguish the types of beverage bottle packing machines

Nov 12, 2020

How to distinguish the types of beverage bottle packing machines

Friends who have a certain understanding of beverage bottle packaging machines know that beverage bottle packaging machines can be divided into different varieties. For example, they can be distinguished from the appearance and other intuitive touches, and they can also be distinguished by operating methods. Let's learn more about them together.

First of all, from the intuitive point of view, it can be divided into two types: vertical beverage bottle packing machine and horizontal development.

The so-called “just care” is the customer’s first impression of the equipment. The former uses a standing construction method, where the cylinder is fixed on top of the machine and runs from top to bottom during production. The latter uses a horizontal structure. The cylinder is in production. At the mercy of movement, this type of baler has the advantages of strong practicability, large processing capacity and relatively high power.

Secondly, the operation method can be divided into manual type and automatic type. The former mainly completes the operation of the cylinder by pushing and pulling the operating handle, thereby tightening the materials in the box, while the latter uses the plc control program, just press The corresponding button can complete automatic bundling processing such as beverage bottles, which is more suitable for large-scale production.

Each type of beverage bottle packing machine has a specific scope of application, so customers must make preparations in advance when purchasing equipment so that they can serve the production and processing very well.