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How to test the performance of waste paper baler

Jan 27, 2021

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, waste paper balers have played a big role. Some waste paper can be reused, and it is more and more accepted by everyone. Domestic waste paper balers have been constantly innovating , Constantly following the development of some foreign advanced technologies.

  How to test the performance of waste paper baler

  Different product categories.

Because we are faced with different products in the process of packing in real life, some need to pack some relatively large items, and some need to be adjusted according to different sizes, appearing in the express industry, because of the size of each express They are all different, but they all need to be packaged uniformly. If this automatic baler can adjust the number of packaging laps according to the size of the product, it also meets our actual needs.

  Of course, in most cases, companies still use automatic packaging machines with a single packaging specification, so even if you don't choose some special models, there is no problem.

   Whether it can save materials.

  In the process of using the automatic baler, various materials are needed. If we can solve the problem of the materials we use, it can also save a lot of money.

In the process of producing automatic balers, such problems have been taken into consideration. The use of every centimeter of materials has been strictly regulated, so when something is placed on a fixed operating platform, it is then judged how many circles need to be made. The actual number of turns is selected to truly meet the cost-saving needs of enterprises.

  Packaging speed is definitely the key.

What are the requirements for the performance of the packing machine? Since it is an automatic packing machine, if its packing speed cannot meet the requirements of people, it is definitely not worth choosing, so when choosing an automatic packing machine manufacturer , To choose according to their various product information, some packaging speed is relatively fast can reach the packaging speed of one second per knot.

   Of course, if it is some relatively large packing items, it may take a longer time, but relatively speaking, a regular manufacturer should be able to produce an automatic packing machine with this packing speed.