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How to use the waste paper packer some ways?

Feb 07, 2018

1. In the use of waste paper balers, we must first check whether the normal use of the equipment, the machine is there any unsafe factors exist, the packing material is sufficient.

2. All check is ready, you can open the switch box, open the emergency stop button until the power control box power indicator light, said normal operation. If the inspection found that the system can not start, we have to check one by one, the power is missing phase, threading machine whether the phenomenon of stuck. Check the problems we have to investigate one by one, because this step is the most important, to be carefully examined.

3. Remote control local gear, select the remote control gear.

4. Then the switch in the remote control into the slot, open the button in the remote control to start the system, will ring about 10 seconds of alarm sound, it means that the machine can operate normally.

5. Press the send button on the remote control to run the conveyor belt, the waste paper is automatically fed into the feed inlet, go to the packing entrance.

After the waste paper into the packing entrance, slowly into the appropriate location, and then press the compression button, there will be a red light flashes from the pressure system to work, the waste paper from the front end to the back end, and then stop.

6. And then repeat the fourth step until the size of the packing block size to meet their needs is, you can press the packing button, press the front of the waste paper into the appropriate position in the shutdown until the alarm sound .

7. Press the threading button, wire threader will be wire or plastic rope through the block of objects, packing it fixed.

8. Then repeat steps 4-6, you can pack all the remaining waste paper into blocks, placed in the right place.

9. After all the waste paper is packaged, press the power button, take out the magnetic card, then turn off the emergency stop switch of the electric control box, and finally turn off the power. The above is the detailed steps of waste paper baler, as long as strictly abide by, there will be no other problems.