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Innovation has led to new changes in the gantry scissors industry pattern

Nov 19, 2020

   With the acceleration of the global economic integration process, the development of gantry scissors is also accelerating, our gantry scissors industry has a new pattern, and the industry development trend with enterprise alliances as the core is becoming increasingly clear. In recent years, while achieving leapfrog development in China's Longmen Scissors industry, it is also facing the dilemma of technology introduction and price competition.

   Exploring the way of independent innovation for packaging machinery companies to meet the needs of the global market, complete the transition from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese intelligent manufacturing, and realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the complementary advantages of industry resources. The purpose of this forum is to promote the exchange and transmission of industry information, promote the integration of China's packaging machinery industry with international standards, improve the level of domestic packaging machinery companies, and explore independent innovation paths for packaging machinery companies such as balers.

   In order to improve the international competitiveness of China's gantry shears machinery products, and create the industry's first high-end network and value sharing platform, China's top packaging machinery entrepreneurs summit ---2020 China Packaging Machinery Entrepreneurs Elite Meeting came into being. This conference not only provides a social platform for industry insiders to establish contacts, optimize industry resource allocation, innovate technology and cultivate business opportunities, but also create rare good opportunities for entrepreneurs' personal growth and corporate development.

   Outstanding entrepreneurs, CEO executives, leaders and decision makers in the packaging industry from the domestic packaging machinery industry gathered. Participants shared their rich experience in the industry with the participants. Experts took the pulse of the development trend of China's packaging machinery industry and jointly explored the road to sustainable development of the industry.

   Longmen scissors are the product of market development

   Lejia Machinery Longmen Scissors is a product of market development. The related operations of gantry shears are all controlled by PLC programming, just like a small computer controlling the equipment. Realize button or touch screen control, convenient and safe human operation. Improve production safety. In addition, the efficiency of using automatic gantry shears is improved, because the packaging process is automatically controlled by the program, which is more accurate and timely than human control, which improves the packaging efficiency.

   Mechanical automation is one of the standards of industrial development, with the development of science and technology innovation. The mechanical equipment has gradually developed in the direction of automation and operation convenience, reducing manual labor. In the gantry shear equipment industry, it is also gradually developing in this direction. Today's gantry shears are mostly semi-automatic and fully automatic types. It gradually replaced the manual gantry shear equipment. Longmen scissors have many advantages over manual types, otherwise they would not be promoted so quickly in the market.