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The Ministry of textile industry of Turkmenistan Announcement of the holding and International Tender for the selection of the investor-contractor for the design and construction of a “turnkey” Textile Complex on the territory of the Babadayhan

Jul 13, 2018

In accordance with the established procedure all local and foreign companies with experience in investing and construction “turnkey” Textile Complex are invited to participate in the tender.All interested are proposed.to submit a written application for the participation in the tender, indicating the full name of the participant, its legal status and other details:
to familiarize with the procedure of the tender on design and construction of the “turnkey” Textile complex:to get a technical assignment:to pay for the participation in the tender, 345 (three hundred forty five) $ USD, including 15% VAT.Tender proposal are accepted to the following Address: Ashgabat, Garashsyzlyk street, 96.Tender proposals will be considered only after transfer of funds for the participation to the current account. Tender proposals are accepted till March 5, 2018.Ministry of the textile industry of Turkmenistan invites interested investment companies to take an active part in the tender.