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1 minutes and a half hours to tie 1 acres of straw bale

May 10, 2018

Wheat harvest season, a new type of straw baler debut in the fields of the Jiawang District, the straw baler for one and a half minutes can take an acre of crops straw packaged into bundles, then as biofuel for comprehensive utilization, had abandoned straw by bundling immediately into the "popular commodities".

This morning, reporter saw in Jiawang District Bian Tang Zhen wheat harvest scene, in the combine harvester harvest after the big field of rye, a tractor "straw hit baler" huge "mouth open, fields of wheat straw is sucked into the machine, soon" spit out "a diameter, height one meter, about 500 pounds of cylinder straw bales. It is understood, the new agricultural called "hydraulic round balers", this year from Italy introduced for the first time, wheat straw, corn stalk, rice straw and other fast package, 1 hour to pack more than 40 acres, quite in a strong labor day workload.

Xuzhou Haoyuan Biological Fuel Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Chunsheng: how to put the straw fast from the inside to put it collects is a difficult thing, a minute can receive more than an acre of straw, an acre of land only one of these, solve the a rapid collection of a problem.

According to reports, such as hydraulic round bundle packing machine, Jiawang District this year a total of introduction 6, mechanization collected straw in a short time, collect a large amount, straw resources comprehensive utilization rate has been significantly improved, but also greatly reduce the cost of the farmers.

Bian Tang Town Farmers: playing baler since he came to after, farmers save trouble to save it, before the grass put in inside, if burning air pollution, do not burn in the inside is very thick, not long crops up, this machine since he came to take away the grass and crops can grow up, speed can be fast.

It is understood that these straw bale will be unified transport to the local fuel power plants, bio fuel plants, paper mills to make a comprehensive use of.

Ding Yuan straw curing processing department general manager Xue Hui: we put it into the straw briquetting, then do the combustion, the air, environmental protection in this a relatively good, this year we received 5000 to 7000 tons, hope next year we do better, let the real all old people are aware of the straw which a real turning waste into treasure, after never exist on this piece of straw incineration.