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​Production line failures and solutions in daily production of household garbage baler

Feb 18, 2021

1). Wire failure

1. The circuit of the household garbage packer is unplugged, the electromagnet is not energized, and the control wire is used to energize the electromagnet instead.

2. The electrode is not well welded, and the joint is loose and re-welded, and then welded again.

3. The voltage is too low or unstable. Check the voltage across the solenoid. The change value should be within 10 of the rated voltage.

2). The electromagnetic coil is heated and burned

1. The coil insulation is poor and leakage occurs, so the coil needs to be replaced.

2. If the solenoid core fails, it cannot be sucked. The solenoid core must be replaced.

3. The push rod is too long to accurately suck the solenoid valve core. You need to trim the putter to the proper position.

4. The electromagnet works at high frequency, which will cause the iron core to dry and cause heating and expansion, which will cause the iron core to jam and repair. The core needs to be replaced.

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