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Silage bundling machine for development trend analysis

Jun 28, 2018

Baling machine is the use of green feed in the presence of lactic acid bacteria, in anaerobic conditions fermentation to feed, the feed in part of the sugar source transition into lactic acid, make silage pH value reduced to 4.2 below, to suppress the other aerobic microorganisms such as the propagation of mold and spoilage bacteria such as growth, so as to achieve the long-term storage of green feed. The mechanism of silage fermentation is a complex process of microbial activity and biochemical changes. The key to the success or failure of the silage is to meet the three conditions of the growth and reproduction of lactic acid bacteria: anaerobic environment, the raw material enough sugar, coupled with the appropriate water content, the three are indispensable. To ensure anaerobic environment, green materials after the harvest, should as far as possible in the short period inscribed short, pit, compaction, seal, which is a prerequisite to maintaining low temperature and creating anaerobic, cut short is ease of compaction, compaction is to exclude the air seal is isolated from the air. Otherwise, if there is air will make the plant cells continue to breathe, pit Wen Shenggao, not only conducive to the reproduction of miscellaneous bacteria, but also cause a large number of nutrients loss. In order to ensure a large number of lactic acid bacteria reproduction, it is necessary to have a proper amount of sugar.

Green fodder silage, the nutritional components of the general loss of about 10%. And natural air drying process, because the plant cells did not die immediately, still continue to breathe, it is necessary to consume and decomposition of nutrients, when reaching the dry state, the nutritional loss of about 30% or so. As in the drying process, encountered rain and snow leaching or moldy, the loss is greater. Silage is more beneficial to the preservation of vitamin, such as sweet potato in each kg of silage with carotene 94.7mg, and natural air dry after only 2.5mg. Other nutritional components, there is a similar trend.