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Silage machinery - straw crushing machine

Feb 07, 2018

Mainly by the chassis, gearbox, knife holder, suspension planes, skateboards and other components. A U-shaped fixed knife is arranged on the wall on the inner side of the inner side of the shell, the movable knife holder is arranged on the end of the transmission output shaft and rotates together with the output shaft of the gearbox; the circumferential direction of the movable knife holder is evenly distributed and connected with the hinge Three pairs of movable knives, knives when high-speed rotation, through the U-shaped fixed knives installed between. The movable knife and the movable knife holder are hinged so that when the movable knife encounters a great resistance, it will not cause the tractor to stall due to the excessive load, or the impact caused by the movable knife will not directly affect the internal organs of the transmission, meanwhile The tractor will not be subjected to a large load when it starts up, which is good for the maintenance of work and machinery.

There are skateboards on both sides of the casing, and the skateboard glides on the ground while traveling to maintain the distance between the movable knife and the ground. Different cutting heights can be obtained by adjusting the height of the skateboard according to their needs