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The beverage bottle packing machine will be brilliant in the future!

Nov 30, 2020

    The new era of horizontal beverage bottle packing machine creates the future

   The era has made the horizontal beverage bottle packing machine today. The new era of the horizontal beverage bottle packing machine is also created under the premise of the continuous improvement of people's living standards, which has greatly increased the market demand for such equipment. The batches of advanced equipment developed by merchants to cater to more needs of users are more in line with the needs of customers in the market.

   The various new products produced under the innovative model replace the old manual operations with new era technology and technology, which greatly improves the efficiency of the merchants in the filling of their products. And the horizontal beverage bottle packing machine brings a very large room for growth in the industry, making the product more random and humane in the filling, and greatly reducing the labor cost of the enterprise .

   Many advanced technologies, such as the emergence of automation and intelligence, have also brought many changes to the entire economy during the development process. Innovation has also allowed the horizontal beverage bottle packing machine to grow without following the progress of the times. However, innovation is related to many other factors, such as the company’s strength, development level, and influence in the industry. Compared with foreign advanced packaging equipment, my country’s packaging industry started late and the technology is lagging, which makes the products in the early stages of growth The foundation is so poor that domestic equipment has been following in the footsteps of foreign advanced equipment, limiting and hindering its normal development. Our company has integrated innovation into actual development through its own practical actions, and created a lot of development results, which makes the horizontal beverage bottle packer recognized and trusted by the market.

   As one of many horizontal beverage bottle packaging machine manufacturers, we have gradually formed a certain development system after more than ten years of development in order to enable domestic packaging companies to use excellent equipment. Not only has the types and functions of equipment increased, but many advanced technologies have been applied to the use of equipment, fundamentally changing the situation in the past. As a result, a variety of self-produced and self-sold machinery and equipment are used in the country. At the same time, as application needs change, there are also many equipment with specific production, which makes the packaging process more convenient. Horizontal beverage bottle packaging machine In the new era, it has also quickly integrated into the advanced ranks of the development of the times.

   The new era of horizontal beverage bottle packing machine is created by us. We believe that the future of horizontal beverage bottle packing machine will be brilliant!

   Production characteristics of small beverage bottle packing machine

   Nantong small beverage bottle packing machine is a well-known domestic enterprise. The small beverage bottle packing machine we produce has obvious characteristics and great effects.

   The appearance design of Nantong small beverage bottle packing machine is simple and beautiful, durable, anti-rust, anti-acid reduction; motor + reducer + cam + retractable arm operation has excellent binding force, few failures, and convenient maintenance; parts are all controlled by computer numerical control machine tools The precision processing machinery has soft movements, excellent durability and perfect functions;

   The motor will stop immediately after the packing is finished, and it will save electricity. It can be used as a metal bale, and can also be used for packaging of conventional objects, with strong applicability. The characteristics of the type beverage bottle packing machine are as follows

   1. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low movement inertia, low noise, stable movement and flexible operation.

   2. It adopts integrated hydraulic and electric control, which is simple and convenient to use. It can stop and run at any working position, and it is easy to realize overload protection.

   3. It has a wide range of applications. It can be used as a processing equipment for packaging waste plastic film, but also as a processing equipment for packaging and compacting similar products. "