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The high-efficiency work of the automatic waste paper baler is gradually standardized

Feb 01, 2021

In order to make the fully automatic waste paper baler work efficiently, the recycling of waste paper will gradually standardize the distribution of papermaking enterprises and the areas where waste paper resources are concentrated, and sometimes they do not overlap. How to make good use of waste paper resources in a wider field, fully automatic waste paper The baler makes the radius of recycling resources larger, and the key is "standardization."

As long as there is a certain type of waste paper, it can be sorted and collected, so that it will not be mixed with other waste paper boxes and downgraded. Uniformly adopting the same procedures across the vast territory to complete the process from recycling to transportation transactions can make recycling easier, transactions more convenient, and less trade disputes, and various waste paper resources can be effectively used. The waste paper baler is used as a packing and briquetting equipment. In the long-term use process, various problems will occur if the maintenance is not good.

In the process of replacing the hydraulic cylinder of the automatic waste paper baler, it is necessary to do the corresponding preliminary preparations for this process.

1. The hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler is the power executive element in the hydraulic system. Therefore, before removing the hydraulic cylinder from the equipment manufacturer, be sure to support its connecting parts with suitable supports to avoid injury or damage to the equipment . Pay attention to safety when disassembling, and proceed in the order of disassembly.

2. Before disassembling the oil cylinder of the baler, the hydraulic circuit must be relieved of pressure. Otherwise, when disassembling the oil pipe connected to the hydraulic oil cylinder, the pressurized hydraulic oil in the circuit will spray out along the connecting oil pipe at high speed, and it will hurt people. Danger.