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The road to change of beverage bottle packing machine is not smooth all the way

Dec 07, 2020

The beverage bottle packing machine is of first-class quality and easy to operate. The changes of the beverage bottle packing machine are obvious to all.

Since the WTO, my country's economy has developed rapidly, and industries such as papermaking, textiles, plastic processing, and financial container processing have also developed rapidly. Companies engaged in beverage bottle packaging machines also produce hydraulic products such as shears and plastic packaging machines. The traditional industry's demand for beverage bottle packaging machine products has been caused by the vicious competition of packaging machine products, and some hydraulic equipment has been participated and shared by more and more enterprises.

For the fast packaging of products in these industries, the beverage bottle packaging machine is just right in this regard. In the fierce competition, only development is the last word. Therefore, Nantong Hydraulic Technology Machinery has innovated and developed a new generation of beverage bottle packers into the market. Beverage bottle packing machine is widely used for the compression and packing of loose objects such as beverage bottles, wool, wool balls, etc. The bales have the same dimensions, neatness, high density, and high density. They are suitable for the needs of shipping containers for export products, and also suitable for beverages. Compression of bottles, waste plastics, wheat, metal containers, etc. The volume is reduced exponentially, the transportation cost is reduced, and the transportation and processing are convenient.

Hydraulic machinery production equipment has played a positive role in promoting my country's economic development, especially in the recycling industry of metals and beverage bottles. But we should see that compared with our foreign counterparts, we still have a long way to go in terms of R&D and manufacturing of beverage bottle packing machines or horizontal beverage bottle packing machines.

The main features of the small vertical beverage bottle packing machine

The Nantong hydraulic vertical beverage bottle balers have fine workmanship and good packaging effects. The vertical beverage bottle balers are characterized by convenient refilling, simple structure, small footprint, beautiful appearance, hydraulic door opening, high box body, and the whole package is pressed at one time. Single-sided rope, high pressure, beautiful and beautiful, easy to install.

Uses are mainly used in garment factories, clothing and textile packing stations to compress and pack loose and soft packages with packaging, and also suitable for compression and packaging of other loose and soft objects.

1. Mainly applicable to garment factories and waste recycling stations.

2. The hydraulic system is equipped with a low-noise hydraulic circuit system, and adopts a combination of imported and domestic high-quality components, which not only guarantees the quality but also reduces the cost, and the performance of the whole machine is stable.

3. Simple structure, low failure rate, simple and quick maintenance.

4. Easy installation, no need for foundation reinforcement.

5. The feeding method adopts manual feeding. "