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The work performance of the 2020 gantry scissors

Nov 25, 2020

Regardless of the performance of the gantry shears, it can be summarized as the performance of the gantry shears. The work must ensure the stability of the operation to ensure that the packages are uniform and unified. So what causes the gantry shears to not work quickly? Let's understand it together

1. The oil supply pressure of the gantry shear oil pump cannot meet the flow demand. In order to prevent the occurrence of oil leakage, strict inspection and testing must be carried out before work.

2. If the relief valve in the gantry shears is deformed, it will seriously affect the main spool blockage. The main spool is blocked at the small opening, which will easily cause some pressure oil output by the gantry shears pump to overflow back to the fuel tank, so that the oil in the gantry shears will flow. The flow into the actuator is greatly reduced, which slows down the oil supply speed.

3. The internal and external oil leakage is relatively serious. In fast work, it is easy to cause the oil supply pressure to be too low, but the pressure is much higher than the oil return circuit. When the piston seal of the gantry shear cylinder is damaged, both sides of the gantry shear cylinder are easy The accident that caused excessive internal leakage resulted in insufficient rapid movement speed of the gantry shear cylinder, and oil leakage was likely to occur in other parts.

4. The lubrication of the guide rail and the poor installation accuracy and assembly accuracy of the oil cylinder in the gantry shear are likely to cause the friction resistance to increase when the gantry shear is working.

   Some basic troubleshooting methods of gantry shears conveyor belt

  The gantry shears are simple to operate and have complete models. Today, I teach some solutions to the failure of the gantry shears packing conveyor belt.

   Check whether the machine is working normally except for automatic tape feeding. If there are no malfunctions in other parts, it is likely that there is a problem with the potentiometer. Potentiometer, on the front of the gantry cutter, there are a total of four buttons on the operation panel, from left to right are the power switch, potentiometer, reset button, and belt feed button.

   The gantry shear potentiometer is a rotary button with a scale around it, which is used to control the length of the tape automatically after the packaging is completed. If there is more than one tape sending and the automatic sending tape is no problem, it is mostly caused by a potentiometer malfunction.

   The debugging method, turn the potentiometer to a small scale, and then fine-tune, the machine can feed the tape normally within a range. If the tape feeding is normal in a certain section of the gantry shear, it is certain that the potentiometer is faulty. The next step is to replace the potentiometer. It is recommended to use a precise control potentiometer.

   1. Use a small screwdriver to remove the small screw fixed on the black knob and remove the black knob.

   2. Unscrew the fixing screw and pull out the potentiometer from the inside. It can be seen that the potentiometer has three outlet positions, two of which are connected to the computer board, and the other is open.

   3. Remember the wiring sequence and remove the potentiometer with a soldering iron. Then replace the new potentiometer.

   4. Reinstall the potentiometer again. "