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Waste paper baler continuously improves performance, achieving low energy efficiency

Sep 17, 2018

Environmental protection has become the focus of today's social development. Many companies are pursuing greater efforts to improve the performance of balers in the process of designing and packaging balers, vigorously promoting new environmentally friendly equipment, and achieving low energy consumption and high efficiency of waste paper balers.

The high and low pressure system technology of the waste paper baler can save 50% of electricity when the packaging pressure and packaging quality are the same, which greatly saves the electricity cost of the packaging station customers. At present, the waste paper baler has been put into market experiment. The effect has been verified.

With the vigorous promotion of innovation in China, the development of the waste paper baler industry has a new pattern. In the development of waste paper balers, which are constantly improving the technology, the packaging effect is also more compact than before, and the durability is also improved. The stronger it is, the more energy is packaged and the utility is stronger.

With the continuous improvement of the waste paper baler and the continuous improvement of technology, the production cost of the waste paper baler has been reduced a lot, and the liquid waste has been achieved while improving the technical performance and quality of the waste paper baler. The reduction in the price of paper balers has led to the maturity and environmental awareness of the waste paper baler industry, which has made people feel the benefits of waste paper balers when using waste paper balers.