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Waste paper baler is highly efficient and environmentally friendly

Oct 09, 2018

The waste paper baler is a mechatronics, highly automated baler, mainly composed of mechanical systems, control systems, loading systems and power systems. The whole packaging process consists of auxiliary time such as pressing, returning, carrying, transferring, outbound, outbound, and receiving.

The waste paper baler has good toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, and low investment cost of equipment infrastructure engineering. The left, right and upper three-way floating design is conducive to automatic distribution of four-sided pressure, which can be widely used for packing different materials. Low noise hydraulic circuit design, high efficiency and low failure. Easy to install, no foundation required.

The good market reputation of waste paper balers is inseparable from the enterprise development spirit that has been relentlessly pursuing the technological progress of balers. Waste paper balers are constantly pursuing innovation and development. In the future where environmental awareness is gradually increasing, the prospects are considerable!