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Waste paper price fluctuations are large, paper mills have difficulty in cash flow

Aug 01, 2018

Recently, the price of waste paper has kept rising, but the fluctuations are very frequent, especially in late July, the increase is 200 yuan / ton. We will bid farewell to us in July. The “818 activities” of e-commerce platforms have been warming up in the past, and the days when the Mid-Autumn Festival, the opening season, etc. require a lot of paper are coming soon.


Some packaging waste paper purchasers have been too optimistic about the late price, and a large number of recyclers have slowed down the pace of the goods, and the goods are waiting to rise. It is expected that the market volatility is so fierce that the adjustment of funds at hand is unstable and it is in a dilemma of difficult turnover. Frequent fluctuations in prices have increased the operating risks of recycling companies. As a result, many traders have also changed the way they used to sell in the past, and began to increase the inventory of waste paper. The five bales of a trader have a total of more than 2,000 tons of stock. It has nearly doubled compared to normal stock. The money at hand was replaced with paper.

According to the reliable report of the paper department staff, the papers of Zhejiang Shanying, Taicang Xiaolong, Yiwu Yinan and Zhejiang Jingxing are relatively quick.