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The rise and fall of the national waste price moves along with Trump’s mouth?

Jul 18, 2018

Since the US has lifted the ban, the country’s waste has continued to plummet, and the 200-yuan drop has continued every day, making the industry a shock! In the past two days, almost all paper mills have chosen to lower the price of waste paper. Some paper mills even have a two-day or three-time reduction. For example: Zhejiang Jiaxing Jingxing Paper has three price adjustments, Zhejiang Jiaxing Shanying (Jian) Paper, Zhejiang Jiaxing Fengqiao Xiuzhou Paper, Zhejiang Shaoxing Huayu Paper, Zhejiang Jiaxing Bolet Paper and many other paper mills are also two The second price adjustment.

On May 29, US Eastern Time, the White House issued a statement saying that it will announce specific measures to restrict trade with China in June. According to this statement, the United States will still impose a 25% tariff on 50 billion US dollars of Chinese goods. The list of specific commodities will be announced on June 15, and tariffs will be implemented shortly thereafter.

Trump suddenly turned his face and continued to increase tariffs on China. The trade war will start again. Does China respond by making the imported waste paper market cloudy? For this statement, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce immediately responded:

We are both surprised by the strategic statement issued by the White House, but it is also expected, which is obviously contrary to the consensus reached between China and the United States in Washington not long ago. No matter what measures the US has introduced, China has the confidence, ability and experience to defend the interests of the Chinese people and the core interests of the country. China urges the US to follow the spirit of the Joint Declaration.