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The short term is difficult to increase the price of national waste

Aug 01, 2018

At the weekend, the national waste yellow paper market was mixed, and today the market is partially adjusted. In the north today, the market basically stabilized. Hebei Zhangshi and Shandong Weifang Huisheng increased slightly by 50-100. The rest of the manufacturers received multi-dimensional and stable receipts. Due to the recent high temperature weather, the upstream recyclers generally had less cargo, and the manufacturers arrived. In the south of Zhejiang, Jingxing and Ji'an white wastes were down by 150, 80, and the Jingxing yellow board was down slightly by 30, which has not led the large-scale decline in the region. Jiangyin and the two places are more stable today. The current trading atmosphere in the market is cold, and the high temperature in summer also affects the lack of some sources.

In South China, both Guangdong and Guangdong have been downgraded today. In Guangdong, some manufacturers in Dongguan have been reduced by 50. The leading paper mills continue to maintain prices. Some factories in Fujian Province today, such as Zhangzhou Mountain Eagle, lowered 50-100, and the national waste price continued to fall. At present, the national waste market generally maintains a stable and weak operation. Due to the continuous downturn in the sales of downstream finished paper and the decrease in the volume of goods in the upstream market, the national waste price will not be low, and the short-term response is less likely to rise. Merchants adjust the pace of entering and leaving the shipment, the goods can be properly watched the next wave of price surges.