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What are the adjustment methods of waste paper baler manufacturers? Come take a look

Nov 12, 2020

    Nantong made a special trip to tailor various waste paper balers for you. How do we adjust waste paper balers in life? Please see the introduction below

   1. Strap width and joint adjustment. When the width of the strap is uneven or the strap of another width is changed, it is necessary to adjust the left and right inserting slots. It is difficult to insert the straps; when it is too wide, the waste paper baler will be packed The strap joints will not overlap. Generally, the width of the belt slot should be about 0.5-1 mm wider than the belt width.

   2. Temperature adjustment of the ironing head of the waste paper baler The temperature of the ironing head has a great influence on the quality of the belt joint. In order to make the polypropylene strap joints stick firmly, the knob is generally placed in the 3-5 position. Whether the temperature of the iron is suitable, you can check the surface adhesion of the iron. If there are white marks on the surface of the iron, the temperature is already high; if the surface of the iron is moist, the temperature is insufficient.

   3. Tightening adjustment of the bundles of the waste paper baler Open the table top and loosen the hexagon socket set screw on the big Luo mother A by hand. Turn it clockwise to tighten, and vice versa. After the binding force is moderate, tighten the hexagon socket set screw.

   4. Adjusting the length of the feeding belt The length of the feeding belt is determined by the feeding length adjuster on the front panel. If the belt is too short, it is easy to tie your hands. At this time, the waste paper baler can grab the belt head and pull the belt out along the belt feeding direction. But it is necessary to readjust the length of the feeding belt to ensure the normal operation of the next strapping. If the belt of the waste paper baler is too long, it is not easy to align the position, and the belt of the waste paper baler and the Panasonic are easy to be wound together causing the belt to be misaligned or broken.

   Do you know how to buy a waste paper baler?

   Years later, hundreds of wastes are waiting for prosperity, a vigorous mechanical army is starting new production, and waste paper baler manufacturers ushered in a sales boom. Do you know how to buy a waste paper baler? Some speculators took this opportunity to make a fortune and caught the attention of users. However, users who do business in waste paper baler baler stations bought waste paper baler equipment that was unqualified by speculators due to poor inspections. It is very distressing that production cannot be carried out.

   Why did you buy an unqualified waste paper baler? The exciting price probably accounts for a large part of the reason. I believe that many people will take this opportunity of the Spring Festival special offer. The waste paper baler industry has a large market demand. Many imitated production without production experience and strength, the production equipment has only appearance but no substance. The quality cannot be controlled. The raw material method reduces costs, making the overall waste paper baler price lower than the market average price. For some people who do not understand the equipment, the appearance is good and the price is cheap. There will be great temptation.

   The harmful consequences of buying a substandard waste paper baler. The equipment cannot be used, leading to production failure, and all investments cannot create value. Funds cannot be recovered. For ordinary investors, it may lead to heavy debts. Users are reminded that when purchasing a waste paper baler, you must go to the manufacturer’s site for on-site inspections to identify whether the equipment signs are produced by the manufacturer. Shop around and don’t be greedy for temporary cheap prices.