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What are the advantages of silage and cellar storage

Feb 07, 2018

Silage bale wrapper machine has the advantages of good bale packing, sealed and sealed, good silage effect, no waste of silage, space saving, flexible silage time and no seasonal influence, and silage can reduce the loss of nutrients.

Silage baling wrapper installed conveyor belt, the individual operations of the machine into one, as a continuous operation of the machine, straw from the feed to the bale to the envelope to achieve integration operations, this province, the provincial film, Provincial rope, improve efficiency.

Silage and cellar storage advantages are more prominent:

Bread grass palatability good, sour, fruity, cattle and sheep like to eat, and high nutritional utilization; crude protein, crude fat content can increase the original content of dozens of percentage points, B vitamins doubled, phosphorus, iron, Magnesium and other trace elements can meet or exceed the standard forage.

Escherichia coli and Salmonella in animal excrement of long-term consumption of breadgrass were controlled effectively to reduce the infection of the disease, reduce the concentration of ammonia in the excrement and the concentration of odor, and the breadgrass was tightly packed with no leakage, , Easy to store, improve the environmental sanitation, is to solve the rural health environment and the development of a better way to raise livestock conflicts.

The beneficial bacteria in the bread grass has participated in the balance regulation of the intestinal microflora of the animals to enhance the disease-resistant ability of the body. Feeding sheep and sheep are rarely sick, which can reduce the treatment input, use less or no antibiotics, and lay a foundation for the production of green meat and milk The foundation.

Compressed, bundled, increased density, reduced size, not only can be stored for a long time, feeding livestock throughout the year provides a convenient, and can be stacked anywhere.