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What are the taboos in the use of Gantry shears? Listen to what the Gantry shears manufacturers say

Nov 18, 2020

       Gantry shears can easily cut waste materials, which are easier to recycle, but there are many contraindications when using equipment.

  Gantry shears also have certain specifications. They cannot cut materials that are too large, and the thickness of the material cut at one time cannot be too large. When cutting steel bars, a high-hardness blade is required. Gantry shears are very dangerous at work. No matter whether they are workers or not, they should not touch the blades of the shears to avoid accidents.

  After working for a period of time, gantry shears often need to deal with the residue near the blade. When processing, you need to use tools, and you can't clean up the garbage directly.

   During operation, it is prohibited to overload the gantry shears. Materials exceeding the shear thickness cannot be cut. If the material is too short, it cannot be pushed into the cutting device by hand. A steel plate is needed to push the material in.

  The operation of the gantry shear is very large, and the shearing machine must be maintained and maintained every day, and the machine tool of the shearing machine should be cleaned in time to keep the equipment stable.

  Any non-operator is not allowed to operate the shearing machine without authorization. The operator of the gantry shears needs to stop the machine and must not operate the shearing machine lightly.

  The gantry shear is a device that uses hydraulic power, so it has a strong cutting ability and is also a very dangerous device. If something goes wrong during the operation, it can easily lead to disability.