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What are the two feeding methods of hydraulic straw baler

Mar 04, 2021

  Hydraulic straw baler will be optionally equipped with conveyor equipment according to the size of the site. For the site with a suitable size, conveyor equipment is equipped. It can realize automatic feeding, high efficiency of straw baling, and less manual participation is required. Reduced labor capital investment. However, some customers have a small site, and the site is a bit tight when equipped with conveyors. The installation of this kind of straw baler needs to use the truck to load the materials, and the timely supply of the materials must be ensured to reflect the efficiency of the equipment. It is prone to blockage when picking up the truck and loading materials. When choosing a straw baler, you can allow the manufacturer to increase the size of the feed inlet.

   Now a straw recycling sales company, one of the indispensable equipment is a straw baler. This is an indispensable equipment that can realize the economical transportation of straw. Zhengzhou cooperates in the production of hydraulic straw baler equipment, and has provided high-quality equipment for straw recycling companies throughout the country for many years. Today, we briefly explain the two feeding methods of the straw baler, which can help you to have a reference when choosing.