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What are the unique designs in the Waste Paper Baler?

Jun 30, 2018

In the Waste Paper Baler, in order to allow people to have more convenient and easy-to-use operations when packing scraps and waste paper, the equipment design is also devoted to these places. We can see that Inside the baler there are two different binders that make it easier for people to operate and they are simpler and more efficient.
At the same time, the anti-rebound barb is specially designed in the baler. This allows the material to be perfectly prevented from rebounding when it is packaged, so that the best compression effect can be achieved more effectively. Because of the rebound, it affects the proportion of compression. This design also allows the entire baler to have more powerful workability.
The Waste Paper Baler also has a very convenient automatic press plate setting. After each package is completed, the press platen will automatically return to position. There is no need to manually reset the position. This makes people have a better experience and experience in using this kind of device. These aspects also have more outstanding experiences and effects.

Waste Paper Baler.jpg