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What is a beverage bottle packing machine?

Nov 09, 2020

Beverage bottle packing machine is also called strapping machine, strapping machine or strapping machine. It uses strapping straps to bind products or packages, then tighten them and combine the two sides according to the hot melt bonding method of the heating iron.

The function of the beverage bottle packing machine is to strengthen the packaged items in the project, so that the items will not be scattered due to inadequate binding during the entire process of transportation and storage. In addition, they should be tied neatly and uniquely. The important basic principle of the beverage bottle packing machine is that when it is inserted into the package, it can automatically carry out the whole process of strapping, melting, breaking, and stripping, and can automatically switch the machine.

Most of the overseas trial products are designed, produced, and processed again. They have a wide range of applications. Regardless of the specifications and packaging, they can be packaged without adjusting the machinery and equipment. The machinery and equipment are of mechanical structure, and some of them are imported parts. The back edge is stable and reliable. Convenient and fast.

"Hydraulic Beverage Bottle Packer

Product features of beverage bottle packing machine:

1. Vertical structure, with conveyor belt feeding, saving time, effort and convenience;

2. The actual operation of keys, plc operation, reliable;

3. Adjust the assigned output power according to equipment model specifications and specific manufacturing regulations;

4. The drive chain or belt conveyor can be selected according to customer requirements, with large transportation capacity, abrasion resistance, strong bearing capacity, and anti-skid effect on the ground;

5. The length of the packaging can be set at will, and the microcomputer can accurately record the value of packaging to improve productivity.