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What is the basic principle of wood drying?

Feb 07, 2018

The basic principle of wood drying is to improve the drying speed under the premise of ensuring the quality of drying, save energy consumption, reduce drying costs. Drying quality means that the moisture content and drying uniformity of the dried wood must meet the requirements of the processing technology. The integrity of the wood must also be maintained without any defects not allowed by the technical specifications and without impairing the quality of the wood and its products. Some nature. Drying speed refers to the degree of moisture content reduction per unit of time. The faster the drying (or the shorter the drying cycle), the less drying equipment and investment required, the higher the productivity and the lower the drying costs.

Drying equipment used in production, should be based on species of dry wood, specifications, quantity, use and production units of the actual conditions. For modern wood drying room requirements in the process to ensure that the drying medium temperature, humidity and air flow rate, stowage of the dry material received by the external conditions are basically the same, in order to achieve the purpose of uniform drying in the operation to be safe and reliable control Flexible, labor-intensive workers. Equipment investment, small footprint, quick, save energy, but also should minimize the pollution to the surrounding environment.