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What is the method to prevent air from entering the hydraulic baler system

Mar 05, 2021

The compressibility of the oil used in the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler is very small. Under normal circumstances, its impact can be ignored. Therefore, even if the hydraulic baler system contains a small amount of air, the impact on the hydraulic baler is also great. of. The air dissolved in the oil will escape from the oil when the pressure is low, resulting in gas saturation, forming cavitation; in the high pressure area, these bubbles are quickly broken under the action of the pressure oil, and are compressed sharply. , Make noise in the hydraulic baler system, and at the same time, when the gas is suddenly compressed, it will release a lot of heat, which will cause local overheating and damage the hydraulic components and hydraulic oil. The compressibility of the air is large, it also causes the actuator to crawl, damage the stability of the work, and sometimes even cause vibration, all of which affect the normal operation of the hydraulic baler system. A large number of air bubbles mixed in the oil can also easily deteriorate the oil and reduce the service life of the oil. Therefore, care must be taken to prevent air from entering the hydraulic system.

  Hydraulic baler hydraulic system When multiple hydraulic cylinders drive the same working structure, their actions should be the same. But there are many factors that affect the consistency of the actuator movement. These factors are differences in load, friction, leakage, manufacturing accuracy, and structural deformation. How to prevent air from entering the hydraulic baler system?

   According to the different reasons why air enters the hydraulic baler system, the following points should be paid attention to in the use and maintenance.

   1. An exhaust valve should be installed on the upper part of the oil cylinder of the hydraulic baler to facilitate the exhaust of the air in the oil cylinder and the system. The hydraulic baler adapts to oil temperature changes and load changes that are greater than the use of a throttle valve. The parallel hydraulic cylinder synchronization circuit using flow control valve has simple structure and low cost, so it is widely used.

2. Try to prevent any pressure in the hydraulic baler system from being lower than atmospheric pressure, and at the same time, use a particularly good sealing device. If it fails, replace it in time. Use screws to tighten the pipe joints and joint surfaces, and clean the hydraulic The oil filter at the inlet of the oil tank of the baler.

   3. Frequently check the height of the oil level in the oil tank of the hydraulic packer, and its height should be kept on the oil mark scale line. At the lowest level, the suction pipe port and the same oil pipe port should also be kept below the liquid level and must be separated by a partition.