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What to do if the gantry shearing system of Linqing Lejia Machinery is disordered

Nov 12, 2020

Some customers have consulted us about the problem of the use of the gantry shears. It is that the gantry shears have a disorder in the oil circuit system during use. The hydraulic oil should have entered the A cylinder, but entered the B cylinder, which caused it to appear during use. problem. So why does this kind of problem occur? Linqing Yiyou Longmen Scissors will make an analysis for you.

The possible reasons are mainly as follows:

The first is that there is stolen goods in the reversing solenoid valve body, which prevents the A solenoid valve from returning to its position. It is recommended to disassemble and clean it. Sometimes it may be removed and then installed.

The second possibility is that the valve body is not tightly sealed. It is recommended to replace the sealing ring.

The third is likely to be a line failure, which is usually easy to occur after repairing and replacing the peripheral parts on the control board, mainly caused by the line string.

The above are common faults of gantry shears. Manual ones generally do not have solenoid valves, so just look at whether the manual controller is in place. This part of the fault accounts for 80%, and it may be eliminated after careful inspection.