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Why does the hydraulic oil of the plastic film baler heat up in summer?

Nov 12, 2020

Due to the high temperature in summer, many devices work for a long time, which will cause a certain part to heat up.

Users should strictly follow the steps provided by Lejia Machinery Plastic Film Packing Machine for operation and maintenance to reduce equipment loss and create more economic value.

Here, we take the plastic film baler as an example to briefly introduce the reasons for the heating of the hydraulic oil. The specific details are as follows.

1. Whether the oil supply of the oil pump is accurate, whether the selection of hydraulic components is reasonable, and there must be no uneven specifications or overflow of the overflow valve and heating.

2. Whether the friction of hydraulic components is within the specified range, the purity of the hydraulic oil, whether the hydraulic valve is over-pressured, etc.

3. The oil tank volume is too small, the heat dissipation area is not enough, the oil cooling device is not installed, or although there is a cooling device, its capacity is too small.

4. The fit gap is too small, or the gap is too large after use and wear, and the internal and external leakage is large, resulting in large volume loss, such as the reduction of the volumetric efficiency of the pump and the rapid heating.

5. Whether the hydraulic system is too tightly sealed, it should not be adjusted at will, and the tightness should be ensured to operate in accordance with the standard.

6. Whether the viscosity of hydraulic oil is too large, whether the quality and standards are in accordance with the requirements, refuse to purchase inferior hydraulic oil.