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Winter wastepaper packing machine maintenance methods

Feb 07, 2018

How can we maintain semi-automatic waste paper baler in winter?

1, often change the replacement oil. Select the viscosity of the smaller engine oil, at low temperatures, the viscosity of the engine oil temperature decreases with increased mobility worsened, increased frictional resistance, the engine start difficult, should be replaced by the timely replacement of less viscous oil to make up Or eliminate this adverse effect.

2, replace the winter with a variety of lubricants and greases. Enter the winter to deal with the transmission, the main reducer, steering gear for winter lubricants, wheel bearings for low drop point grease.

The rapid development of science and technology has brought about the improvement of people's material life. In the same vein, more development possibilities have also been ushered in. Various advanced technologies have begun to be used on waste paper balers. The automation and intelligence of waste paper balers The level of technology has been significantly improved, began to play a greater role in environmental protection machinery.