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​Working principle and process of tobacco baler

Feb 04, 2021

The tobacco leaf packer includes a bottom plate. The bottom plate is oppositely fixed with baffles. The baffles are provided with pressure rod guide grooves. One of the baffles is provided with lever brackets on both sides of the pressure rod guide groove. The lever bracket is hinged with the pressure rod through a fixed pin. The upper fixed pressing plate is parallel to the bottom plate, and the bottom plate is provided with a strapping rope placement slot.

When working, place the tying rope in the tying rope placement slot. The tying rope placement groove can limit the movement of the tying rope. The tying position is fixed to prevent the inaccurate tying position from causing bad tying effect. Put the loose tobacco leaves on the bottom plate and hold it by hand. The movable end of the pressure rod is pressed down in the guide groove of the pressure rod, and the loose tobacco leaves are compressed under the clamping pressure of the pressure plate and the bottom plate to reduce the space between the tobacco leaves, and then remove the fixed pin, lift the pressure rod, and use the binding rope Bundle the compressed loose tobacco leaves, and then take out the bundled loose tobacco leaves.

Tobacco leaf baler strapping rope placement slot can restrict the movement of the strapping rope, and the strapping position is fixed to prevent the inaccurate strapping position from causing poor strapping effect. It is easy to operate and can be operated by a single person, saving labor and avoiding broken tobacco leaves during the process of strapping. And adhesion phenomenon greatly protects the appearance of tobacco leaves, shortens the bundling time and improves work efficiency.