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416 Companies In Humen Face Closure And Ban

Apr 25, 2019

On April 21, Humen Town, Dongguan City held a special work conference on environmental governance, and issued the “Comprehensive Work Plan for Industrial Enterprises (Places) in Humen Town” to deploy “disintegration” industrial enterprises to rectify actions; "Remediation team, on-site seizure of 5 illegal sewage companies... Since April 21st, Humen has been operating frequently, setting off a storm of "disintegrating" industrial enterprises, highlighting the actions and determination of rectifying the "disorganized" enterprises.

It is understood that the number of “disintegration and pollution reduction” tasks in Humen Town in 2019 was 3,725. At present, 760 rectifications have been completed, 77 are not found, and one is not “disorganized”, and the remaining 2,887 are not completed. Among them, 416 were shut down and 2,471 were rehabilitated after preliminary judgment.

According to the verification of the bottom, the action is divided into the classification and remediation list stage, the comprehensive remediation stage, the “reviewing” stage and the summary and consolidation stage. By the end of June, all communities will assist the “scattering and pollution” enterprises that meet the conditions for remediation and transformation in the jurisdiction to handle relevant environmental protection procedures, and guide the “scattering and pollution” enterprises that meet the conditions for integration and relocation to move into industrial gathering areas. The reformed illegal sewage companies will be shut down and banned, and the implementation of "two breaks and three clears". At present, Humen has begun to conduct a comprehensive investigation of “scattering and pollution” enterprises.

The community checks the list of suspected “scattered and dirty” industrial enterprises (locations) issued by the town government, checks the enterprises (locations) in the jurisdiction, fills in the enterprise information list, and collects relevant information through photographing and video recording. The evidence was sent to the Humen Ecological Environment Branch.