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A Quick Win-win Situation Is A Necessary Development Direction Of Waste Paper Baler

Aug 03, 2020

The reason why the automatic waste paper baler can spare no effort to move forward. The powerful strength of the automatic waste paper baler has advanced development pursuit. In the process of creating dreams, fully automatic waste paper packaging opportunities break the convention and show their value with pursuit

       1. The potentiometer for tape length control is at the zero position. The tape length control potentiometer is the second position from the left on the front panel switch plate. Adjust clockwise, the length of the tape will be longer, otherwise it will be shorter; if it is at the zero position, the tape will not be discharged.

  2. The straps are not worn correctly. Now a win-win situation is necessary. Open the right door, and follow the “threading process method” on the fifth page of the manual or the drawing diagram of the inner right door to thread the belt correctly.

  3. There are foreign objects in the upper and lower extensions of the waste cardboard baler. If the machine has been used for a long time, and it has not been cleaned and maintained in time, so that the belt is not smooth and free, more cleaning and maintenance should be done.

  4. The belt feed roller gap is incorrect. The size of the gap between a pair of tape feeding rollers is very important to the normal tape feeding, and the adjustment of the gap is described in the manual. Adjust carefully, and adjust it to the time when the gap between the belt roll is only 0.05~1mm more than the thickness of the belt.

   5. The selected PP tape is too thick or too thin. Because there are many manufacturers of PP tape, the thickness is also inconsistent, it should be selected according to the requirements; if it is impossible, please carefully adjust the gap between the feeding and rewinding rolls according to the method of the manual.

   6. The solenoid is not working properly. The solenoid does not work. First, check whether the welding head of the solenoid connection is off, and then check whether the coil is burned out. If there is no abnormality in both, check whether the electromagnet is displaced or blocked by stolen goods so that the bullet cannot move freely.

On the road of serving the society and hard work, some are ambitious and some are bold pursuits. The fully automatic baler absorbs high technology and does not look back. The power of the fully automatic baler is strong. This is also inseparable from insisting on the dream and insisting on absorbing high technology. It is necessary to reduce the loss to *, help troubleshoot in time, and achieve a win-win situation. The desire for maturity is the requirement of the fully automatic baler. Better struggle is for more rapid growth, the automatic baler will not forget the original promise