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Korean People Wear Gas Masks And Call On China To Abolish Foreign Orders

Mar 14, 2019

Recently, a garbage crisis in South Korea is getting worse.

In Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea, there is an agricultural town called Yicheng County. According to US media CNN reported on March 3, in this agricultural town, a garbage “Dashan” has been burning since December last year. After more than a month, there have been no signs of being extinguished.

The nearby residents smelled a pungent smell all day, and it was almost impossible to breathe. The local government had to give everyone a dust mask.

The “Dashan” is 15 meters high and is made up of 170,000 tons of industrial waste and domestic garbage. It is the largest garbage dump in South Korea. Even Koreans themselves admit that it takes five years to burn this garbage “big mountain”. How is such a large garbage dump formed? Mainly for the black-hearted business in order to make huge profits, coupled with the lack of supervision by the relevant departments, the long-term consequences.

Because Seoul was in the downwind, so the smoke went all the way to Seoul, and the people in Seoul spontaneously took the gas mask and protested on the streets. The content of the protest is that I hope China will abolish the ban. Some unscrupulous local media in South Korea actually attempted to lead the disaster of public opinion to the Chinese side, trying to pick things up to the Chinese side and shouting that the Chinese wanted to poison them.

The South Korean people have blamed China for not handling the garbage from the country and blaming China. It is really not appropriate. The ban on foreign countries issued by China is an order that is beneficial to the world environment.

Foreign garbage is not only a problem of our country, but also a global problem. No matter which country should learn to deal with it, we must not think of others to help clean up the mess. It is absolutely impossible for China to abolish the ban.