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Adjustment And Commissioning Of Waste Paper Baler

Sep 16, 2020

Adjustment and commissioning of waste paper baler

1 Adjustment of oil supply system

       1.1 Fuel tank refueling: This system stipulates that hydraulic oil above No. 46 is used. When refueling, be careful not to break the filter screen with the refueling pipe. The refueling fluid must be pure and clean, and the refueling amount is 400-500 kg.

       1.2 Jog the start button of the main pump motor, check the direction of the motor, if it does not match the direction of rotation marked on the pump body, change the motor wiring to make the direction of rotation consistent.

       1.3 Start the oil pump motor for 15 minutes without load, adjust the rising height of each plunger during this period, confirm that it is normal and complete the mechanical adjustment of the whole machine, and then perform the following work.

       1.4 Pressure, overflow and adjustment. In order to maintain the correct flow and pressure of the pressure oil entering the main cylinder of the baler, and to protect the motor from damage due to overload, it is important to adjust the overflow and unloading.

       1.5 Adjust the oil pump pressure

       Step on the material to be packed into the bag box to extend the stepping cylinder to position it, and open the main cylinder rise valve. Tighten the adjustment knob of the oil pump relief valve gradually to pack the load. Observe the motor current and pressure gauge readings. When the pressure rises to 20-25Mpa, the valve adjustment knob should be fixed, and repack after unloading for review.

2 electrical system debugging

       The adjustment of the main travel switch position, the height of the shaft plug.

3 Commissioning of mechanical parts

       The moving parts are flexible, and there must be no scratches and jams.

4 test run

       After the above-mentioned work is adjusted, you can power on and test the empty car, and move the multi-way reversing valve to perform the self-locking actions of the main cylinder and the door. Repeat several times to see if it is correct.

       The load can be packaged after the power-on test and the empty car check that each action meets the requirements. When the load is packed, it should be observed that the upper limit of the oil pressure gauge is adjusted to 20-25Mpa to protect the motor and pump valve system.